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You have just spent days, weeks, possibly months finding your clients new home.  You have probably spent countless hours with them, some fun and some of those hours may have been very frustrating.  Now it is time to express your thanks to them for closing the deal on their new dream home.  Closing gifts should express your gratitude, be a nice gesture while also leaving a nice impression on them in hopes they will refer you to their friends and family or use you again.

First, let’s start with what “not” to do!

  • Don’t over-do the branded items.
    The gift is not about you or your company it is about the client. Please do not give them a basket filled with your company’s brand.  It’s okay to have a few items, such as a mug or a memo pad, but placing too many branded items is a surefire way to get the whole gift thrown in the trash.  Remember that gifts are not about advertising.  Make the gift meaningful to the recipient, this illustrates how much you care.
  • Give something they will like based on their interests.
    Learning about what your clients like, what they do in their free time helps you when it comes time to give them a gift.  Listen to their side conversations. Oh, this would be a perfect place for the wine bar (ok, they like wine), this deck is perfect for the bird feeders (ok, they like nature).
  • Avoid the “typical” gifts.
    Typical gifts are gifts people most likely already have. An example of a typical gift would be knives. If your client is anything like me, I want all my cutlery to match, so unless you’re giving me a whole new set, I don’t need them. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Don’t give the gift the day of closing.
    I want to preface this statement by saying, giving a gift on closing day is great and your client will be very grateful. My company has delivered hundreds of gifts to title companies in my career. If you’ve ever purchased a home you know that you can’t find anything for at least a week!  Unless your client is moving out of town I would suggest waiting at least one week before giving them a gift. If your client is moving out of the state, I suggest giving them a gift on closing (maybe something based on their new hometown).  Instead of having your gift delivered by someone (like me – which we will do), if possible, deliver the gift yourself.  About a week to a few weeks after the closing, call your clients and say “I have a gift I would like to bring to your house.”  You are using this time again, to get in front of them and let them know you were thinking about them.  This may also be a good time to ask for referrals in a gentle way, for example, “by the way, if you happen to know anyone who I can help, please send them my name.”  This is also a great time to ask for a testimonial.


Now on to gift ideas

One of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impression on happy clients is by giving them a gift thanking them for allowing you to be part of their home buying/selling experience.  Custom gift baskets and crates can be very versatile and meet most price points.

  • New Home Owner
    This is perfect for someone you just couldn’t figure out their interests or they are a first-time buyer.  Yes, this is a practical basket, but it includes necessities – welcome mat, toolkit, batteries, extension cord, picture hangers, etc.  To make it more personal, add a photo frame with an image of their new home, or an image of them with their sold sign. If it’s new construction, frame their blueprints. Adding a gift card to their local pizza restaurant or grocery store is a nice touch also.
  • Hot Cocoa Enthusiast
    If you like chocolate you’ve most likely been given the typical chocolate cocoa mix.  To spice it up a little, add some Mexican hot cocoa or decadent sipping chocolate with a beautiful set of mugs. Don’t forget the marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate covered spoons, biscotti or cookies and maybe a soft Sherpa blanket.  No one can ever have too many fluffy blankets.
  • Family Game Night
    For the family that plays together, a game night gift is perfect!  Fill with classic games that are great for the whole family to play. Throw in some snack favorites or even a gift card to their local pizza restaurant.
  • Breakfast in Bed
    This gift is great for the newly married couple or even a new Mom. Include items that are easy to prepare like scone mix, pancake mix, real maple syrup, mixing bowl, measuring spoons, wooden spoon, a tea towel and don’t forget coffee or tea.
  • Ice Cream Gift Basket
    Do we really need to say more?  Fill this with cones made by a local shop, sprinkles, homemade caramel and/or chocolate sauce…the ideas are endless.  Nice dessert bowls, decorative spoons, and festive napkins add a nice touch too.
  • Coffee Enthusiast
    Many of us can’t start our day without a cup of java. With the influx of amazing coffee machines for the home, coffee making has become an art. Try adding a coffee sampler or local coffee. Don’t forget flavoring syrups, sugar cubes, chocolate-covered espresso beans, cookies, mug or travel mug and even a nice book on coffee from around the world.
  • Tea Lover
    Most people are either a Coffee or Tea Lover.  There are a wide selection of teas and some places you can blend your own private flavor.  Make sure to include biscotti, a local honey, shortbread cookies and a nice travel mug.  The cozy blanket would go perfectly in this gift as well.
  • Flowers & Landscaping
    It’s that time again, people are slowly coming out of winter hibernation and yard work is looming on the horizon. This gift is perfect for the person who loves to get their hands dirty.  You can include a book on gardening, gardening gloves, hose, seed packets, watering can, bird feeder, door wreath and hanger and so much more.  This gift is nice inside of a galvanized container.
  • Local Products
    This is perfect for the new homeowner relocating to the area. Creating a gift filled with your local favorites is a great way introduce your client to their new area.  If they’re relocating to a new part of the country you can give them local items to help remind them of their old home.

There are so many ideas on what you can give your clients as a closing gift.  The Personal Gift Basket can create any of the gift ideas spoken of in this post or better yet, let us customize a gift, especially for your client.

Don’t forget the Handwritten Thank You Card!

This goes a long way!  I know there are companies out there that offer computer generated “handwritten” cards….please, take the time and write the note yourself or have it written by someone.  This will go over way better than the computer-generated ones.


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Just a note to tell you how much I loved the gift baskets that you arranged for my guests and our event giveaways. The baskets were elegant with a wonderful array of items in the arrangement. I received many compliments on the packaging. I appreciate your flexibility in working with my schedule. You provide great service and professional ideas at a great value. I look forward to using your company again and again.
Kathy Kilo PetersonState Farm

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