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Earth Day 4/22

Green Day

Celebrating Earth Day (which should be every day by the way) reminds me how doing our part to preserve our beautiful green planet can make a difference.  When designing our custom gifts, we use recycled boxes and shred whenever possible.  Below are a few tips on ways you can help our planet.

Planting a tree

I love creating gifts that celebrate and preserve the earth. Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. We’re in love with our Apple-Tree To-Be gift bags! These adorable giftbags are a big hit in so many ways like for a new baby, new home, wedding gift and the list could go on.  Planting a tree symbolizes new beginnings. Trees do way more than beautify an area, they are an excellent source for keeping our air clean, and they help in producing oxygen.Apple Trees to Be

Growing your own herbs

Growing your herbs can be very useful and deliciously fun! You don’t need a large garden to grow herbs, all you need is a windowsill and sunlight. Our Garden-in-a-Pail can be enjoyed from the comforts of inside your home – from the pail to the plate!Herb Pail

Reusable Gift Bag

Reduce, reuse and recycle, the golden rule of an eco-friendly lifestyle. I personally have a love for using reusable totes in my personal life, and I get an extra kick when asked to create gifts in reusable totes. We’re now in the process of making beautiful bridal party, wedding day survival gifts in these timeless gift bags.

burlap tote

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