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Tips for Making Corporate Welcome Gifts Memorable

Corporate gifting can sometimes get a bad rap for being too “corporate.” When giving gifts at events such as conferences, meetings or welcoming out of town guests to your company, these gifts should send a message of thoughtfulness and value. Below I share five tips for creating memorable corporate gifts that will leave your recipients…Continue Reading

3 Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients

3 Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients

As a business owner your clients are your most important assets. Keeping clients coming back whether by giving you a referral or a second purchase should be a permanent marketing strategy of yours. Statistics show the cost of finding new clients is five times the cost of retaining your existing clients. Simply said…a satisfied customer…Continue Reading

Our team of concierge gift shoppers and gift designers will select the perfect gift for your loved one, family member, friend, colleague or client. We will take personal pride and care in selecting a gift that will help you shine and impress the receiver. We’ll save you time by shopping for you, creating a custom gift basket for you or wrapping a gift you have already purchased to make it look amazing with beautiful embellishments.

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