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College Care Packages

It is that time of year again. That’s right. It is the back-to-school season! As your loved ones are heading off into their new adventures, they will be met by friends, teachers, and lots of homework. They might be leaving home to start their own college adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a reminder of home to them. College Care Packages are everything a student dreams about as they check their mailbox each day.

College Care Packages can be customized to fit exactly what your student loves. Everyone knows that college students love snacks, so perhaps a food package with a few delicious treats will fit the bill! Worried about them eating healthy? Worry no more as healthy snack options are available and delicious! Their friends will beg them to share what you gave, and it will remind them of the loved ones they left at home.

Your Coffee Drinker

Coffee is a college students best friends. From early morning lectures to late night exam preparations, coffee can be found in the hands of many students. Coffee lovers will rejoice when they receive a care package filled with coffee gifts. This will make them the envy of their dorm and save them money from having to buy it on campus.

Weekends spent away from home can get lonely. Spice it up for them with a movie night care package. This will gather everyone together as they sit down to watch a few classic films. Whether it be a chilly winter night or just a cozy evening after a week full of projects and papers, the movie night themed basket will help de-stress your student and remind them of nights spent on the couch at home. You are essentially bringing a piece of home to their dorm.

Your Athlete

Student athletes are some of the hardest workers on campus! If your athlete can’t get enough of their sport, then send them a care package to show them how proud you are of their dedication. Perhaps your golfer would enjoy a few accessories to improve their game. From the basic equipment to themed gear, your athlete will shine on and off the field thanks to your gift!

Your Chef

Maybe the dorm life isn’t what your student dreamed of! Apartment living can be an amazing lesson on independence. Your student will need to cook for themselves, so give them a kitchen warming gift! This package will give them all of the essential tools and tricks they need to really live in luxury. Ramen noodles will be a thing of the past as your new chef learns the ropes of cooking for themselves. Their friends will thank you too when they begin to beg to come over for weekly dinners!

Say I Love You

College life can be very stressful, so receiving a package filled with things to brighten their day and help them relax would be perfect. Make their dorm room seem like a spa and a place they can wind down after a day of class. They will be eternally grateful for this package especially when midterms or finals week comes along!

Giving the gift of a care package will make a lasting impact on your loved one’s life. The college experience can seem to fly by, but it will be impossible to forget the time someone they loved sent them a thoughtful present. From food to fun, the possibilities are endless when it comes to sending a college care package. What a perfect way to say I love you.

The perfect gift for the man in your life

For many of us, the men in our lives are so hard to buy a gift for…is this true for you?  If so, here are some great ideas on what to get him based on his likes!


The Beer Bucket

St Louis is HOPping with local breweries.  We can fill your basket with some of his local favorites and maybe find him so new favorites too.  Fill his this ice bucket with six unique beers and we will handpick a few of our favorite gourmet snacks. Cheers!


Know Thy Whiskey

For the man who loves his whiskey.  Spoil him with his favorite brand, maybe a cigar or two and some specialty selected gourmet treats to go with his indulgence.


For Every Aqua Activity

This basket is perfect for the water lover in your life.  He may love laying in the sun on his raft, dancing in the rain, playing Marco Polo or splashing everyone in the “splash zone”.  This basket includes a cell phone water protection case, snacks, beverages and floating sunglasses.


Foaming at the Mitt

We all know the man who LOVES his car.  He washes it by hand and talks to it.  The auto car basket will continue to put his best fender first.


Morning Reinforcements

Does your man, need his morning cup of coffee before he can hold a conversation?  We will his basket with all things coffee from chocolate covered espresso beans, a mug, a French press and some delicious coffee.


Six Degrees of Bacon  

Some men feel this bacon is not just for breakfast and all meals should include bacon.  The bacon basket will make sure to fill his inner bacon fix.


The King of Hearts

Our poker gift basket includes everything for the next poker game at the house.  We will include, poker chips and card decks, Gourmet Pop Corn and Trail Mix. Poker gifts will always win over your guy!


Playing With Fire

Your Grill Master will love having a basket full of tools and spices.  We can even include a grilling book and some snacks to indulge in while cooking.


Operation Diaper Dump

Fir the first time dad!  This basket is filled with wipes, nose clips, a first-time dad book and some scrumptious goodies to eat and drink while your new little one is napping.


Shankers Gonna Shank 

Packed with the essentials any golfer will need.  This basket is packed with goodies from coffee for the early tea time, to snacks to keep them going and some accessories all golfers need while playing the links.


These are just a few of the many different baskets we can create for the man in your life.  Call us, (636) 240-3049, to create yours today.

Gift Baskets are the Best Way to Show your Love and Appreciation

Do you know what you are putting into your May Gift Baskets?  Well, let’s see… the first week of May we have Teacher Appreciation Week (don’t forget about last day of school gifts too), followed by Mother’s Day (don’t forget your Mother in Law) and what about all of those high school and college graduations.  The best thing about gift baskets is you can customize them to match the event of the recipient’s personality.

Mothers day

Here are some terrific ideas on what to put in your May Gift Baskets –

The Sweet Tooth

Chocolates and candies are always great to include, who doesn’t love chocolate!  Sweet tooth’s will love to receive a basket full of chocolates, truffles, and chocolate-covered anything.  Their mouth will water when they set their sights on these delicious treats, like irresistibly crisp cookies, or slow-melting chocolates.

The Extravagant

For the person who likes nice things, choose items that are deliciously first class. Fresh and dried fruits, gourmet nuts, aged meats or salmon, a nice cheese and don’t forget a bottle of artisan water or a bottle of a top-of-the-line champagne.

The Giver

This person is constantly giving of their time and talents and never think about themselves.  Help them to relax and take a moment for themselves. Give items like fair trade coffee or chocolates, a great book, journal, a mug with a motivational quote an assortment of teas or coffee.  Make sure your basket has something that gives back to the person who gives everything.

The Hobbyist

There are so many gift options for this person on your list.  Create the gift around things they enjoy doing. The golfer, cooker, gardener, camper, wine enthusiast goer and so.  Need help…we can customize your basket with whatever hobby they enjoy.

The Relaxer

What is better than a trip to the spa???  Nothing, well maybe a trip to Hawaii! The relaxer is a person that loves to be in the moment, maybe with a good book or relaxing in the spa.  Bring the spa to the comforts of their home by suppling everything they will need to have a relaxing spa.  Luxurious lotions and shower gels, silk bath robe, bath matt, loofa and a clean scented candle is a great start. Adding truffles and tea or artisan water adds another WOW factor to the gift.

The Learner

This person is always interested in learning a new skill or something new!  A gift basket is a perfect way to give them the tools needed to get started.  If they want to learn how to make wine, cheese, play golf, paint.  A basket with the needed tools will be surely welcomed.


The Health Conscious

For the person who is conscious of what they eat, we can fill their basket with smart snacking options – of course, they taste great! We can also add in healthy dark chocolate because you know it is a vegetable!

The Gamer

Not everyone who loves to play games is into online games.  We can handle both.  Adding chips and dip, nuts, root beer, soda will have them ready for an all-nighter. Family game nights are also great for this gift basket.  So whether it’s for the all night gaming tournament, or for a Friday night family game night, we can make it sure to please.

The Gourmet

The Gourmet is always challenging themselves with the latest recipe or trying to up their popcorn to new heights.  Treat them with something extra special by including gourmet delights in the basket.  A monogrammed apron,  tea towels,  earth-friendly dish and hand soap for the kitchen,  cookbook,  wood spoon and a spatula make for great items.

The Coffee Lover

Cater to their taste with a basket that has everything you need to enjoy a great cup of Joe.  With items such as whole coffee beans, coffee press, biscotti, flavoring syrups, mug, and maybe even a book on coffees from around the world. The coffee basket will be everything this person loves about coffee and will allow them to make an impressive cup of coffee.

The Gardener

This is the person who likes to keep their hands dirty. New gardening gloves, hat, most-used gardening tools, an all natural bug repellent, sunscreen, water bottle, trail mix and even few packets of their favorite seeds.  The recipient of this gift will grow in gratitude.

The Golfer

Golf can we a way of life, some are obsessed with hitting those tiny balls off into the sunset.  Our golf basket is loaded with all the essentials and accessories.  We can include towels, tees, divot tools, club cover, hat, gloves, mug, and even a picture frame.  Make sure to include some snacks too!

The Chef

Give this gift to someone who loves to cook or the newly wed couple who loves cooking together. Items such as a cookbook, artesian cooking tools, apron, kitchen towels and linens, kitchen timer, and even a magnetic menu list are staples every cook should have. We will include new gadgets or all the tools to make a special meal.  Don’t forget to include wine that goes with the meal too.

No matter if the person on your list likes adventure or calm, sweet or savory, mild or spicy, a gift basket full of treats especially for them will be a welcomed gift.  We can prepare a personalized gift basket for anyone.


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