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3 Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients

3 Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients

As a business owner your clients are your most important assets. Keeping clients coming back whether by giving you a referral or a second purchase should be a permanent marketing strategy of yours. Statistics show the cost of finding new clients is five times the cost of retaining your existing clients. Simply said…a satisfied customer is the foundation of your business.

Here are 3 effective ways to keep your business top of mind with your clients.

#1 Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Client satisfaction is your most powerful tool and is the least expensive. No matter what you are selling, nothing will produce loyalty quicker than a satisfied client. A happy client is your best marketing mouthpiece. They will share their experience with their friends, family and co-workers whether good or bad. When concentrating on the longevity of the relationship, remember to plant the seed of value and appreciation, which in return will produce a healthy, long-lasting relationship. It takes an investment of your time, patience and money to build a rewarding relationship with your clients, however it is the most effective investment you will make for your business.

#2 Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

You already know the cost associated with attaining new clients, and I’m sure you are already aware that your competition is waiting in the wings to woo your clients right out from under you. Stay aware of the cost of replacing a client by understanding the value of never giving them a reason to leave. Your mission is to engrave the notion that doing business with you will be rewarding and satisfying. Your clients should never have a reason to look at your competition once they make the choice to do business with you. Set yourself apart by thinking bigger and smarter than your competition. Strategically develop an identity that sets you apart from everyone else.

#3 Create “Wow” Experiences

Making sure you stay top of mind with your clients means they should be top of mind with you, because they are your most valuable business assets. Create opportunities to remember and thank your clients for their continued business. Most clients don’t expect anything from doing business with you. So imagine how unforgettable you become when you create a “wow” experience by giving them a gift they will love and appreciate.

Even in this social media driven world we live in, people are socially depraved. Showing up at a clients door with a gift to say thank you, appreciation or just because says much more than a like on their social media page. And most importantly they will remember the gift for years to come. The Personal Gift Basket

If you’re looking to give exceptional gifts, The Personal Gift Basket can create custom gift baskets and care packages that will surely help you shine. Call us to help you create a unforgettable impression.

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